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Totally seeing myself pinning so many photos of flowers and art prints in my cubicle

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Is Michigan the new Australia because there is a spider the size of a silver dollar in my toilet

In the break room I see a bag of bagels labeled *free* along with knives and containers of cream cheese…
Must… resist… temptation

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For all the idiots out there who will be celebrating this so called “weed day” - smoking pot seriously doesn’t make you cool.

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Congrats on your new job. But I couldn't help but ask, why would you accept a job in Detroit out of all places? Don't you know that's the fastest declining city in the US at the moment? You don't worry about job security? That job will not last very long... Detroit is a dying city.


I’m totally  not going to admit that zero ZERO ZERO companies attempted to interview me.

I tried so hard to get a job in texas you really, really have no idea.

Detroit isn’t dying if you’re in the right business. The car companies are “pretty” stable, everyone needs cars right?

And besides, once I have work experience I will have better luck finding a job in case I get let go!

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model Theresa Manchester

photo Giuseppe Dante Sapienza

Melbourne 2014

  • Male character: ARGH!!
  • Female character: oh. oh!! UHHHng!!!! I'M COMING!!!!?

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you know, if I could start and finish a piece that’d be nice.

gotta gotta gotta get this done by the 24th.


good night y’all.

I start work tomorrow.

Expect a blog post haha.

blacklist the tag GMEE if you dont wanna know about my work life haha

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