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I can’t go to parties because I turn into a pumpkin at midnight

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Public service announcement:

That snorting your snot noise is absolutely disgusting.

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stop apologizing for who you are

the people who love you don’t want an apology

and the people who want an apology don’t love you

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I really, really like fairy gators. im almost too scared to color him, but I have a lot of work to do for the background before i start with the main focus lol art is hard and this is hard and i s2g i better turn this into a masterpiece I’m proud of ); goodnight it’s an hour and a half past my bedtimezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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When girls go out wearing tiny, tight, skimpy outfits, I mean they have the choice to wear something else. some thing less provocative, so really girls are asking for it.




If you’re out in public and I see you’re not wearing any protective headgear does that give me the right to smash in your skull with a hammer? I mean you asked for it, since you’re not wearing something to protect your head. 


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Client: I threw out that black pen, it was out of ink.

Me: What black pen?

Client: The one that was lying on your tablet.

Me: You threw out my $150 Wacom pen?

Client: I tried writing with it and it didn’t work. It must’ve been out of ink.

this almost made me cry

this is simultaenously the best and worst submission i’ve ever seen from Clients from Hell.

I feel ill


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I’ve got this thing for pink fairy crocodiles

“If you were happy with the wrong person, imagine how happy you’ll be with the right one.”

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“You’re under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago.”

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Zzzzzzz I have work at 6:30am EST every weekday ); at least I look like a #lion today zzzzzzzz #personal

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